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The Woodstock Quarry has been in operation since 1956 when aggregate extraction activities and cement manufacturing began onsite. Stone destined for concrete manufacturing (such as cement powder) or the more granular products meant for infrastructure development (i.e. roads) make up the majority of the material produced. Our products can travel as far as London or the GTA, but are more frequently used in local projects. Supplying aggregate materials locally reduces greenhouse gas emissions produced during transportation and reduces the cost of these products for public infrastructure projects such as road construction and maintenance.  The Woodstock Quarry provides additional significant economic benefits to the community in the form of direct employment, indirect employment, property taxes, and aggregate license fees.

The Woodstock Quarry received Ontario Stone Sand & Gravel Association’s Award of Excellence in 2017 after many years of hard work to demonstrate commitment to property enhancement, progressive rehabilitation and community relations.

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